How many mass shootings have we had over the last 10years? I can't even keep track if we being honest. That alone is sad. Let's start this off by addressing the "people in power". You're a joke and very reckless with decisions. y'all let one white man slide with blood on his hands and stamped... Continue Reading →

Y'all go check out episode 2 of my podcast and tell me what y'all think. I talk about how we need to work together as a race of people in order to survive. We need to teach our kids that as well. I touch a little on how money needs to stay within your family... Continue Reading →

This question had been floating around my tl for a week now and the comments took me back. When I look at that question, it's a simple no. No thought. If I said yes, there'd be no logic to back it up. Can I give a small example? Say somebody came in and killed your... Continue Reading →

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