Sometimes WE are the fans of our destruction. Sometimes WE are the audience that don't clap or uplift ourselves. Sometimes WE are our own critic. "How hard is it to love yourself?" They toss this around like it's simple. it's not easy and that's the truth. It's not easy because from day 1, we are... Continue Reading →

You ever sit and think back to when u were a specific person and then met somebody n now u different. You ever thought about the number of ones that happen?? It's crazy.. we not really us. Ppl create us.. how they treat u affects n changes u over time, what they say, how they... Continue Reading →

You won't let me in And it's hard to let go. ima product of your garden.. Careful with the seeds that you sew. When you found me, I had the potential to be something great! you didn't push that potential. You didn't ask questions or get curious. You took me and forgot I had a... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I feel like I'm over working myself in life and I just need a rest. The load just be too heavy but everybody knows the black woman will make it through so I keep pushing. I'm tired.. Can I lay it in a Kings hands just for a min? Can you remind me what... Continue Reading →

insanity at its best

Y'all really normalizing insane behaviors. society makes it okay. why is any of this okay??? Why aren't things being done to stop this shit? Why aren't we speaking? They've taken everything human in us and we now act and behave like animals. shit,sometimes worse. We've been conditioned to just adjust to things regardless if our... Continue Reading →

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