I'm pulling my character out of this story. There's no need for another chapter. This story is too confusing It's not the book I asked for. Here I am, back at the place we met.. I'm now returning you. the story line was too inconsistent

You treat my existence as if it were nothing at all. you don't love me like you say. I'm left alone with my thoughts and insecurities that have gone unnoticed since we met and you haven't been curious once. when you let go of someone, it's the memories that never fade.. the fact we make... Continue Reading →

I want to raise a child in a world where there's a balance. To be more specific, I'm referring to feminine and masculine energies and way of life. Society has tossed out so many things that keeps things balanced and everybody running around crazy. Everybody saying "fuck gender roles". I'm not necessarily okay with that.... Continue Reading →

Am I gonna wake up to an empty side of the bed or will you finally just enjoy the first half of the morning with me? Tell me, What outside those doors excite you more than I do? What makes you stay away so long? I'm always searching for you even when you're close. Some... Continue Reading →

This blog post was suggested by one of my snap followers and it's going to be a little different than usual. The topic circles around religion,love and being who you are. When it comes to religion, right off bat, people skip all sins but one. I'm neither religious or interested in the same sex but... Continue Reading →

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