bottled up .. I can't breathe with these unsaid things I've got stuck in my throat. They took a pause on their journey for a couple reasons .. And nobody's around to perform cpr. I'm choking. Drowning in my own thoughts.

hey guys! So, my second episode is available to listen to on and Spotify. This episode is over a man named Alfred Kinsey. I just briefly discussed what he was, his mission,and things he paved a way for or further pushed. The man was sick. He taught perversion and called it science. They called... Continue Reading →

I wish y'all would raise y'all sons and daughters correctly. Nobody at peace these days. Parents have raised selfish disrespectful children and now they're living amongst us. Why is it so hard to communicate and just live in harmony with the opposite sex? Or even the same sex. Most days, we disrespecting both or killing... Continue Reading →

How many mass shootings have we had over the last 10years? I can't even keep track if we being honest. That alone is sad. Let's start this off by addressing the "people in power". You're a joke and very reckless with decisions. y'all let one white man slide with blood on his hands and stamped... Continue Reading →

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