this world.

You ever feel like you’re in a movie where you see yourself as the character looking out watching the world literally flip everything upside down? Watching how the rest of your peers and other humans just robotically attach on to it. Watching the bad people prosper and the good people die. Watching what’s correct turn incorrect and what’s been wrong right? Y’all ever feel like that?

You ever look around at the ones that have sense and wonder if they too will fall victim to this messed up world. Y’all seen what’s been going on and how powerful this shit is. So many people sucked into a delusion. It’s scary. Your own mind plays tricks on you because your surrounded by so much of it. You stand your ground and hold on to what you know is right and then what? The loonies shame you, they try their absolute best to destroy you because you refuse to be sucked in. Y’all see this shit everywhere! Disagree and you’re out. Disagree and your toxic. Do what’s right and you’re eliminated. You got some who will give in and feel like they’re in the wrong and they change up. Then there’s the ones who still hold their ground! They still talk their shit. They still try to live in truth and what’s right.

Look around. Do you see what I’m talking about? I damn near feel like Will Smith in the movie I am Legend calling out to see if there’s anybody out there.. with sense left. That refuse to conform to the madness? Anybody? Who still stand for what’s right? Who teaches what’s right? We got too many dead people amongst us spreading confusion and I’m just trying to find the sane ones that want to make a change.


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