Sex not friendship

People in today’s society value fucking a person more than they do being friends with that person.

I see it posted everywhere how the friend zone is so horrible or how a male is getting played if he treats a female any other way than disrespectful.

We live in a mental asylum. General respect is portrayed as weak and we got people feeding off the disrespect. It’s insane.

People like the benefits they reap. They don’t really care about you as a person nowadays. It’s like books.. not too many will read and make sense of it.

I read you can tell a lot by a man by the way he treats women he’s not attracted to. The world gets a lil weird once you look at that way.

It’s highly upsetting that so many males can’t just be friends with a female without some sort of sexual favor involved. Nobody just want to be a friend.. there’s always more to the game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few respectful gentlemen out there but the majority don’t hold that respectful title.

A bond. What is it? Connections? Memories.. ?

Seems like none of these things are important. Everybody wanna see what they can get out of something. This is where the good stuff happens though. This is the part everybody craves but don’t wanna give in the relationship. Y’all skip right over what could be great and don’t even realize it.

There’s some pretty amazing people out in this world. I wish more people would slow down and realize connections matter. Memories are what’s left behind. Make them! Live and connect. Stop making every encounter sexual or beneficial to just you.


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