Amongst devils.

How many mass shootings have we had over the last 10years? I can’t even keep track if we being honest. That alone is sad.

Let’s start this off by addressing the “people in power”. You’re a joke and very reckless with decisions. y’all let one white man slide with blood on his hands and stamped “mental illness” on the case and now they all following this trend. Where’s the security and justice?

The ones in power couldn’t even get the location of the shootings right the other day when expressing their so called condolences. How fucking pathetic and careless. My mind wonders if this was intended or really a mistake… How both, Trump and Biden say the wrong locations?

All over Twitter and Instagram, you have people talking about staying indoors from now on. The people are scared. We can’t even do simple things without someone coming and taking us all out for no goddamn reason. We are literally living in the same places devils live and don’t know it until it makes the news. We can’t enjoy shopping or the movies. Schools and churches aren’t safe. We can’t even enjoy get togethers without some ” mentally ill” white man with a gun HE was able to purchase coming by and eliminating people.

You would think they’d keep a close eye on white men like they do black people in general but that’s not the case. One “mentally ill” white person doesn’t mess it up for all of them but one black person becomes the face of the black community as a whole when negative things arise. It’s crazy huh? not really if you’ve been keeping up with the real issues at hand. This is definitely a game to them…or a ritual but I’m gone shut up.

All these mass shootings happened and nobody did anything but moved on. What about the families left behind ? What laws are being put in place? What studies on white men are being made to understand this so called “mental illness” ? Where’s the solutions??? They ignore the red flags they claim was present prior to but did nothing about it? Y’all let disturbed people continue to live in society with the rest of us. What does that say about the people in power?

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