Women vs women

I came across this poem the other day and it really made me stop and think.



It’s actually sickening and ridiculous how much we as women hate each other. Why is everything a competition or a show? I understand women run on emotions most times and it gets heated and escalates but the actions that follow are disgusting.

Women have become more and more disconnected with each other. There’s always something in between that we allow to break our natural bonds. why is that? When are we going to realize that the sista right across from us is our equal? Where’s the love?

You would think, as black women, we would be more in tuned with sisterhood because of the history but that’s not the case. Who broke that generational bond ? Idk. But it made a mess! We can’t go far without the others yet we are all so focused on selves.

Most of us don’t know how to be a friend to the next woman. This is definitely a problem when we look at it as a unit.

I’ve said it once before that women are the teachers of the nation ..so with that being said, can we take a minute to look at what’s been taught. We are the first teachers and the product of our actions show through the children.

Ladies, are you satisfied with your results?

what are y’all thoughts on this topic?

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