Can you be for your ppl dating the enemy?πŸ€”πŸ‘€

This question had been floating around my tl for a week now and the comments took me back.

When I look at that question, it’s a simple no. No thought. If I said yes, there’d be no logic to back it up.

Can I give a small example?

Say somebody came in and killed your mom right, in court, are you going to be on the perpetrator side or the victim? How long do you have to think about that answer? Not long right? You’d prolly kill that person honestly. Let that sink in.

Here’s another,

Say you go as far as procreating with the enemy right, what kinda kids are you looking at down the tl? Do they look like you and your ppl you claim you’re for or half you and half the enemy ? How does that make you feel?

Can we talk about how this isn’t negative discussion and get to the real stuff?

Saying you’re for your people don’t include going with the bs just because they’re black. It’s a couple of us that think things are okay and we’re suppose to all be in support but let’s call a spade a spade . We got enemies within our own bubble so you can’t be down with everything.

If you truly are for your people , it’ll be a priority to mate with your own. There’s no arguments about it. You would want to see little you’s down the line. There would be nothing more beautiful.

How can we as a whole benefit from people mating and fading out our people? How do we as a whole heal within our community when we keep bringing players from the opposing team in? I just want to know. What benefits do the enemy provide in your survival?

How do y’all feel about this topic? Talk to me in the comments below!

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