Black Folks…How Far Have We Really Come?🤬🤦🏽‍♀️👀


I wanted to share this video that I came across online, (Please click the link below) it takes a look back in time, the 70’s to be exact and shows how racism existed with children and teens in Queens, New York. Although this is just one part of the U.S, it shows how racism was passed down to children from adults. Kids are not born knowing color or racism, it’s hate that is taught.

How Far have we really come? With Trump in office I have seen racism that was once kept under the rug, in households….show its ugly head with no remorse again. With the police brutality and unlawfully convicted black Americans for crimes they didn’t commit, I can’t really say we have came to much further. Yes blacks are doing financially better than those times and many more are holding higher positions, but are we being put up…

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