kids in an unbalanced society.

I want to raise a child in a world where there’s a balance. To be more specific, I’m referring to feminine and masculine energies and way of life.

Society has tossed out so many things that keeps things balanced and everybody running around crazy. Everybody saying “fuck gender roles”. I’m not necessarily okay with that. Some things need to be kept as is. There are things the male child are suppose to learn that are completely different from what the female child learns.

I can’t be the only one peeping how masculinity is slowly becoming nothing at all. I can’t be the only one who peeps how the real masculine mean are being torn down and cut out the picture. I don’t want my son surrounded by other boys who don’t know better. I want my sons around kids and men who not only know but do better. I want them conscious. I want them to know truth. I don’t want them confused like the rest of the world. It’s really some sick shit happening and we doing nothing about it.

They don’t want us to raise our daughters the right way either. Slowly but surely, women are becoming less womanlike and more chaotic. They are literally wildin out here. Some of y’all hype it and some look down on it. I want my daughter to be more than what society has pushed her way . I want them to be great!

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