Am I gonna wake up to an empty side of the bed or will you finally just enjoy the first half of the morning with me?

Tell me,

What outside those doors excite you more than I do? What makes you stay away so long?

I’m always searching for you even when you’re close. Some might look at that and call it a red flag but somehow I don’t see it yet.

I’m still caught and tangled up in the love net you first threw out. I don’t realize I’m back in the water again…I didn’t realize you were long gone.

Am I gonna come home to kisses and hugs or will my days be the same yet again? you don’t seem to show affection well but I convinced myself that that too was ok.

Lonely when you’re here ..existing but not feeling present. Tell me, am I important to you? Or just comfort at this point? I’m tired of being confused.

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