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This blog post was suggested by one of my snap followers and it’s going to be a little different than usual.

The topic circles around religion,love and being who you are.

When it comes to religion, right off bat, people skip all sins but one. I’m neither religious or interested in the same sex but I do find it fucked up and an even bigger contradiction.


for those Christians who do like the same sex..

how do you overcome everyday obstacles being who you are while maintaining a Christian lifestyle? Does your thought on God change with all the constant talk from other Christians and society? Is it hard to find love being in those two categories? What about it makes it hard?

One question I always wondered was this:

If liking the same sex is a huge sin in a book that’s about your savior who loves you, why do y’all follow it? I never understood how you can still want to be connected to something that completely shames you. Me personally, I feel like for those that do like the same sex and are BLACK, religion shouldn’t even be attached… there’s many reasons for that. main one: It’s not ours to accept but to each its own.

Share your thoughts or stories and express yourself below

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