Sometimes WE are the fans of our destruction.

Sometimes WE are the audience that don’t clap or uplift ourselves.

Sometimes WE are our own critic.

“How hard is it to love yourself?”

They toss this around like it’s simple.

it’s not easy and that’s the truth.

It’s not easy because from day 1, we are molded and shaped into what our parents, teachers,pastors, peers, and society want us to be. They give us this blury overview but never explain all parts.

Who are we? Do we ever really get to know the answer? How many layers of conditioning must we wash away to find the authentic self?

Why is it easier to feed ourselves words and phrases like “I can’t” ” I’m not this” or “I’m not that”. Why do we swallow the lil insults that creep in our head bullying us into believing we really can’t reach full potential?

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