Can you love me

Sometimes I feel like I’m over working myself in life and I just need a rest.

The load just be too heavy but everybody knows the black woman will make it through so I keep pushing. I’m tired..

Can I lay it in a Kings hands just for a min?

Can you remind me what it’s like to fully breathe again?

Can you take away some stress? Thoughts and replaying scenarios in my head that make me mentally exhausted and although I seem like I have it altogether, I’ve lost it. Sometimes I feel like shattered glass. something that needs fixing but prolly can’t be fixed.

King, can I find comfort in your arms? The world has done so much to me , can I just rest? Can you love me till I’m whole again cus right now I’m numb.

will you remind me that I’m worth it..because I’m a reflection of you and sometimes I can’t find a way to tell my own self. I need your help.

Can you just hold me till I feel young again and free. Speak life into me, caress and cherish me. Can I not have the answers and run to you ? Can you be in charge? I’m tired. I know this isn’t your mess to fix but can you love me?


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