insanity at its best

Y’all really normalizing insane behaviors.

society makes it okay.

why is any of this okay???

Why aren’t things being done to stop this shit? Why aren’t we speaking?

They’ve taken everything human in us and we now act and behave like animals. shit,sometimes worse.

We’ve been conditioned to just adjust to things regardless if our bodies tell us it’s wrong or right.

We are sad as humans..sometimes! We’ve become robots and slaves with no type of recognition of it. We are obedient to our own destruction. We are content with the bs around us yet we complain. Insane people do insane things.

Our diets suck as a people! We consistently eat what we know is no good and ignore what’s best for us. We still choose the path of insanity.

There’s a lot of shit out here right now that wasn’t out back in the day. A lot of y’all think we progressing but really we heading to destruction and confusion.

Normal people don’t glorify or participate in anything that destroys them. We sing,rap and dance to songs that belittle us and sexualize us. We make bs lyrics mottos for our life and how we should be. To say you see no issue with the way we are as a people proves my point exactly. We are insane.

We are living in a mental asylum. So many people are sick with no cure. Sick with no knowledge of it. We are sick. They continue to write prescriptions and we take the doses of insanity like it’s a cure. We are ill and need real help.

Humans are easily persuaded..that can be a good and bad thing depends on who doing the persuading. We are quick to hop on to new trends and the latest things out. Just because it’s poppin’ don’t mean join the crowd. Crowds often find trouble. We just go through life with no real motive. Shits always changing with no real order.

We are lost in a game we didn’t even wanna play… Force to live life as if we understand the rules. Are there rules? Do we really make an impact in life or does life make an impact on us. We seem to change with every situation that comes our way.

It’s sad when you grow up seeing and hearing about people protesting and marching for stuff with no other action behind it. All they’re doing is repeating the same thing expecting different results. The system don’t care and never will. Justice ain’t justice in they eyes. Why are we insane? Why is it a norm to march and protest when something goes wrong? Why haven’t we opened our eyes wide enough to see we need to choose another route?

We are all just different energies floating around in different bodies being used and manipulated. I don’t really know why anybody would want to live in an insane world unless they themselves are insane .Why does it seem as though everyone who has authority over something huge have no sense?

We are taught to love everything and everyone. To me, that’s suicide. Everything ain’t meant to receive love. There’s good and bad in the world and you must know your allies and opponents. You don’t handle war with love, if you do, you lose. You don’t handle hard situations you in with love, you get serious and take control or else you stay content…in that same bubble u always been in repeating the same things expecting different results. It’s insanity!

We are always forced to accept accept accept! But what if I don’t fucking want to? So many jump on the bandwagon and make nonsense a thing. Nowadays if you don’t accept some shit, you are in the wrong. It’s crazy.

Why is there almost no one living who they truly are? We all come with pieces and parts that can be easily removed and added. Thanks to society, obsessions over makeup, jewelry, clothes, hair and even other body parts are a thing..a normal thing. Who would we really be if none of this shit was ever pushed so hard? Who are we now? A human or a doll? Why is it so hard for most of society to stray away from all the extras and add-ons?

Let’s talk about what everybody doesn’t want to talk about unless it’s positive.


We are now in a society where more than the original two sexes exist and are accepted. Do you see what I mean when I said what I said earlier? We just go with the flow and adjust to whatever happens. I’m not saying all of us accepts it but majority sees no issue. Lets be honest though, there’s many when you go in depth because endless possibilities will arise. I’m sure so many think of positive possibilities but are we even aware of the negatives? That’s the issue…Endless negative twist just as well as those positive ones y’all think of. Not everyone have the same motive. Do what makes you happy but not everybody should be forced to follow and accept.

Why does no one care about the children? We are always changing and forced to accept. Have you thought about how hard it is for children to comprehend and take in all this? We struggle with it as adults but just imagine children growing up now conditioned to be what’s perceived as normal. There’s a lot of stuff being exposed to children these days that wasn’t back then. They have kids in drag or little to no clothes in photo shoots and magazines. They are putting our babies out there to be confused and misguided. It’s disgusting!

Nobody really thinking about the future.. in a positive light that is. People may say they think about it and are investing in it right now but is that really so? Every decision we make right now leads to a certain future. What happens when conditioned slaves “grow up”? I’m not just talking about a race of people but rather society as a whole.. what happens? Well.. insanity turns to norm overtime. You know the outcome of that? There isn’t one. We just continue to raise conditioned slaves. The fact that so many people know the truth but refuse to speak on it ,act on it or accept it whole confuses me..but I guess insane people love the insane world they live in.

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