Nap time over

it’s really sad talking to someone who hasn’t reached a certain level of consciousness.

I don’t think people understand how hard it is to listen to your own people talk down on your own people. It hurts when you know the truth but they still sleep enjoying this illusion. Do you know how frustrating it is to know that my own race of men and women promote and want other race of men and women because they’re somehow better. It’s disgusting.

Being consciously aware makes being friends with people hard and don’t even let me get started on dating. Shits hard as fuck if you aware and they not.

Ever talked to people like this?


You yourself know we’ve been conditioned to believe everything negative about our own people but you decided the lies have to stop…but them, they haven’t even picked up a book to know that. So.. they remain stuck. Drugged up in societies asylum.

Once you realize what you’ve been taught are lies, the shit you see in your everyday life afterwards becomes depressing. Many people are angry once you try to spread truth or enlighten them on something. That cognitive dissonance only keeps you trapped. Be angry they lied. Be thankful I’m here to help. You’re angry at the wrong person.

The part that kills me about all of this is people would rather be stuck in their illusion than to listen to truth. It’s all understandable though, don’t get me wrong, you were born and literally targeted. You were conditioned, used and fed lies. How could anything else be truth? I get it….But.. it’s time to wake up!

Nap time is over.

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