Sometimes I wonder..

I wonder if the creator cares that I’m tired.

Universe do you care? Or are we really just energies and frequencies and that’s it?

they say the universe don’t care about luck.. u get what u give out🤷🏾‍♀️

Some say things just happen.

well I’m tired…

can you care about that?

life not a choice for those coming into it yet we are forced to follow its rules or get ruled out.

Survival of the fitness. That shit is real.. y’all remember learning about this?

Are y’all aware that this shit happens daily?

And we.. we just adjust..

Does the big creator call itself the “creator”?

Why are we forced to stay so busy all our lives searching for this “purpose” everybody speak of? If reincarnation exist , wouldn’t that mean we’re recycled people..just placed in other bodies each time. ..crazy..cus even that sounds like a system. You’re always trapped.. never really free. So purpose..? Does it even make sense if this cycle never ends..?

If heaven and hell exist, isn’t that just a trap too..? You get taken away from the people you’ve grown close to all your life and get stuck somewhere else for eternity.. that’s depressing. Some say you don’t remember anything missing your family and friends wouldn’t be on your mind..just peace and happiness. When I hear people tell me that, I think.. well why is my mind wiped of memories I made all my life? Who gave them that authority? Still a slave or something to use. That’s sad.. and hell is even worse. Like wtf!

All this shit is meaningless if you ask me.. but ..

universe do you care?

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