same message, different delivery.

I notice a lot of people getting angry and upset with others who are not as conscious as they are all while trying to teach in the same way as the ancestors…not knowing or truly understanding that this is a different generation..we are wired different from our ancestors yet still the same.

My point is this, the same way they delivered the message to their people in that time, shouldn’t be the same delivery for this generation. To lead a people, you must understand the people of that specific generation…

In no way am I saying completely disregard what our ancestors said or how they delivered the message. Don’t misinterpret that wrong. All respect goes to the ones before me. We gotta adjust is all I’m saying. same message, different delivery .

What good is the message if you don’t have listening ears in the audience? What good is the message if you have no audience?

Ask yourself that before you throw out a message mixed with your ego and opinions on the issue.

Different timelines require different strategies.

y’all don’t ever stop and think about why our people can’t receive or understand clear messages? You never stopped and thought about why we sit so comfort my in our insanity mixed with the whites man insanity? It’s all in our minds. Understanding the conditions will help you plan the defeat at the end. Our ancestors understood the minds of the generation they were in so they spoke with that same understanding so that the message will get through. There’s countless victories from our side, you just gotta understand some things first.

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