I want to stay

I don’t want to disappear

And be a memory.

I want to be present.

I don’t want to run across your mind randomly someday..

Because I want to be the one you’re forever crazy about.

I don’t want to fade.

I want to stay.

I don’t want to battle with myself

On weather I’m doing enough.

I want to be enough for you.

I don’t want to be a lost name later on down your timeline.

I want be yours forever.

I don’t want to not exist in your world. You take up so much of mines.

My mind loves your name, scent and smile.

It thinks about you all the time.

It’s iffy when it comes to you though,

You’re both the good guy and bad in this love story.

My mind might fuck with you more than me

And I’ve given no thought on if that’s ok.

I simply want to stay.

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