Not really that guy

I know all about you..

yeah you..


You like keeping it quiet

But there’s a party inside..

a party u can’t seem to shake nor hide.

u hurt yourself because they hurt you.

U use them because you were once used too.

don’t know how to love

Always in the scene

we see you with the girls

But is that really your thing?

are you really that mean?

Are u really that much of an ass?

Don’t know how to love n respect women..

A lil boy perhaps…

repeated cycles of ignorance

Nobody taught ya dad

So he instilled bs into u

And now u playing games

Out late

On to the next,

Thinking this ain’t that bad.

But it’s bad..

your demons are now theirs..

traumas u never fixed

Got caught up and tangled

In this shit u told her was love…

You’re scared..

Standing in a puddle of doubt.

A ocean of fear

A shadow behind you

Leaves a trail of tears.

That party that I mentioned…

The people are talking,

Yelling and screaming.

This ain’t that type party.

They crying for help

But no one listens

Left alone to come handle ya demons.

So we see you act out

and treat ppl like shit

Living a life of an asshole

Knowing this aint it.

you still play the act though..

a professional, no lie

But you know deep inside

You not really that guy

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