When King’s speak , just listen! A lot of people praising artist who have no knowledge of self or their people. Real lyrics have been put on the back burner while trash is constantly programmed deep into our subconscious . Nobody really raps or sings about truth nowadays. Nothing real really comes out of their mouth. people don’t want to hear the truth so they continue to feed us garage until we destroy eachother.

Lemme introduce y’all to this king.

I’ve been following this king on Instagram for a minute now and his messages in his lyrics caught my attention immediately.

More and more I see Kings speaking out about the system and what’s really going on. They not sugar coating shit and I have the upmost respect for them. They speaking up about their women and letting people know. Speak! Let your voice be heard. Regardless of who like it or not, let them mfs hear it.

The truth is, they don’t care about us. They take one look at the black man or woman and assume the worse. Nobody making it easy for us.

We should want to listen to more informative stuff like this. We need more people to hear and understand. We so distracted that real lyrics like this sound like trash to most because it’s not what they use to. Get use to it!

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