no calls for my bdays

No shows in life.

no family pictures with you either..

but I guess that’s alright.

I use to get sad knowing the other person that created my sister and I doesn’t want anything to do with us. I still get bothered but sad.. nah not no more.

I never understood the broken promises or lies. I never understood how he could make the woman who had his kids cry. I wonder if he knew that I cried too.. wonder if he cared.

Did I even cross his mind?

Instead of engaging in the dad like convos , I would remove myself from the room. I was so embarrassed that I wasn’t wanted. Why didn’t mine love me. I didn’t get to share those same experiences. I was fatherless.

the sad lil thing I never mentioned to anyone is that even though my mom was enough and handled things great, I still needed and longed for the other parent.

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