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can we talk about physical abuse happening in homes where the witnesses did nothing but watch.?

Can I share with y’all..

I don’t think people understand what goes on behind closed doors. A lot of kids are walking around “happy ” holding secrets. A lot of kids hate to go home. A lot of homes are more like hell than peace.

Before moving in with other parts of the family, I’ve never really experienced or heard much about physical abuse. I only saw what was on tv or books or random adult stories I wasn’t suppose to be listening on on.. I didn’t think much about it because like the rest of most of us, my home was happy. It was peaceful.

boy did that change…

There were many times I wanted to run away or kill that man. There was many times I wanted to call the police or tell somebody that cared and was gonna do something. I wrote countless poems about him… got real good at em too. His energy alone made everyone leave the room. We didn’t like him..

There were so many times I wanted my family to be there but nobody cared. I wonder if they’ll feel some type of way when they read this? nobody helped. I was hit multiple times along with my sister while the rest of the house did nothing. We were alone.

I can’t remember how many times I cried and begged my mom to come back to life because I didn’t wanna life with them anymore. It wasn’t only physical abuse either, there was so much verbal abuse it makes no sense on top of neglect.

Heard em call himself a man on multiple occasions but every time he put his hands on one of us, all I saw was a coward. What made it worse, he was well known and respect at the church we went to and nobody understood. Nobody fucking knew what kinda monster he really was.

I don’t even remember how many times he put his hands on me or bashed me. The man was crazy. He threw shit at me, slapped my sister, threw me against the wall cus I was tryna help her , and ran me into a door and bust my lip all in one day one time. I will never forget that day… All I wanted to do was check on my sister and it blew up more. As he dragged me to the bedroom, I screamed, begged and cried for help.. meanwhile, the rest of the house was sitting watching. No one came to the rescue.

My sister and I were always left out when it came to being a “family”… everybody made that perfectly clear.

we weren’t the only ones he touched in that house though..

I witnessed a bunch of shit that I shouldn’t have.

I’ll never understand how when it was me and her, nobody helped or stepped in. I’ll never understand why people stayed quiet and went about they days like none of this happened at the house. We were never comforted after the incidents either. Nobody came and held us and made sure things were ok. Nobody…

nobody wiped our tears or even checked on us. The attitudes produced from those incidents were called something negative. It was all looked at negative and that makes no sense. HE was the monster not me. My sister and I have every right still to this day, to have an attitude towards anyone who saw this shit and didn’t help.

Until I dropped these lil bits and pieces, nobody knew this shit happened.. and I didn’t even tell you half of it. I still haven’t been asked am I okay mentally just off the years living with them people. Shit happens and the rest of the world oblivious to it.

Let’s talk about abuse in homes? Physical, mental, emotional and verbal . Have you experienced any? Are you okay from it?


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