I disagree

Crazy thing is,black men and black women blame each other when really it’s the people who keeping us down and separated that’s at fault..who you think manipulated the minds of our men to oversexualize our women to this point? It’s consistently pushed on media. who controls that?

I hear so many people say ” stop blaming the system”….who tf else are we to blame? And think about the people saying this.. what race of people are they? Are they people systematically oppressed like we are? Were they the main targets since the beginning of time? it’s easy for someone to say that who feels no personal effects of the shit that’s happened and/or is happening.

We can hold our men accountable just a lil bit tho as well. We all at a point where we can read and go and find the knowledge but we choose to remain ignorant. There needs to be more men encouraging us that we are beautiful just the way we are. Show us not all over sexualize to the point of no return.

We have to stop going back and forth with this blaming shit. It’s unhealthy and we look stupid because neither is at fault. we are not each others enemy… it may look that way while the system has their hands on us but pay close attention to what’s pushed and accepted by them. You’ll soon see.

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