ever wonder

you ever wonder if your actually liked or loved? Ever think about the convos people have about you when you not around..or do you ever wonder what people actually think of you.?

I tend to think about this shit all the time and I don’t know why. I’ve always been the type to pick up on an energy and act accordingly..so it’s weird when I peep something going on. my comfort level around you will begin to shift. I’ll become distant..so distant that I almost don’t exist. You won’t even know me no more.

I’ve had people I called friends say some fugazzy shit behind my back all while smiling in my face. That’s the worst feeling..realizing the person or people u are so comfortable with are the same ones talking down or bad on yo name. what’s up with the secretes? Why can’t we be honest? Why is there bs in a foundation I thought was built on love n trust?

You never really know who saying what nowadays. it’s pretty sad.

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