Still feeling the pain

Breaking curses ,

Healing people,

finally out of the chains,

But in a mental sense,

All of us still feeling the pain.

They say “you weren’t alive then..”

As if that makes it okay.

We got chains wrapped around us mentally

And y’all still wanna smile and play.

They feed us lies and confusion

And y’all just laugh….

Then be the next one killed ..

.. and now y’all mad.

Sick of this shit , real shit, all this shit just sad.

They look at the others like angels

But view us blacks as bad.

rest of the world reading a story,

Shit so tragic, war coming,

They know it.

White man the antagonist

black man the victim.

nobody on they side.

This is America, people!

We still feeling the pain,

But no longer in chain.

They got us so far gone,

We are mentally enslaved.

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