After the chains around our brains.

A lot of us talk about freedom and liberation but are we even ready for that? Are we ready to be completely on our own just yet?

Can y’all even imagine a world without ya enemy lurking around and targeting you down ? Or other groups of people claiming they down for us but never really with us? Can you imagine how life would be without them. ?

I’m getting happy just thinking about it.

I ask that because we are so heavily dependent on other races for everything we need. ..and you know whats sad about it? most of us are okay with that. We are okay with being the ones who spend instead of getting the income. Why is that? Everyday, we see other groups of people copying our culture and selling it back to us after ridiculing it and calling it ghetto. Y’all know what I’m talking bout. We gotta learn to spend money within our own race of people. We need to create jobs for ourselves and teach our children. Black people spend the most money so why not spend it within your own community and create something bigger for the race. We gotta learn to drift away from wanting sloppy copy’s of our original.

I think the biggest issue will be departing from the ones who refuse to be about they people. These people include: swirlers, Sell outs, and just plain ignorant folks who have no intention of bettering the race and many others..the bottom line is We must separate!. If you are offended by that, you got more learning to do and by this time, it’s prolly too late. Don’t cradle the fence. Our liberation and complete freedom has nothing to do with anyone else. We do for us. So pick a side.

When I think about starting over, I first think about education… what are we teaching this specific group of people. What will the children pick up from us now that we are on our own? What will our nation be like? Will they be in good standing once the elders leave and the world is up to them? Will future generations still be free or will we fall into the hands of others?Most of us have been in America since birth and all their teachings are definitely written in fine print all over our brains. So now we looking at a group who has no knowledge of their real selves.. just robots. We’ve been living in a world that puts us on a certain schedule and tells us what we should and should not be doing. Are we actually going to live when we get this fresh start or will it be the same. We have to unplug each person and repair what’s been broken…from there, we can then pour good things into them and began to teach and walk in those teachings.

We gotta teach about economics, self love, mental health, and family. We have to instill the basics and work from there. What’s a nation of people who are unaware of who they are? it’s simple. ..Slaves…thats what it ultimately turns into if we being honest.

We need to get so good in our own line of work that the rest of the world practically begs us to sell to them.

We need to get so good at self love that the rest of the world is mad they can’t manipulate or persuade us that anything but our own looks great on us. We need to understand how godly our race of people really are so that no other race of people think they can tear us down mentally.

We need to get so good at understanding mental health, that when the rest of the world looks to fuck with us, we are already mentally prepared to destroy and conquer without stressing a bit. We need to speak more positivity than we do the negatives. We must believe in ourselves or one by one the race will fall.

We need to get so good at understanding the black family to the point where our love is the only love we see. period. Black love is essential and should be taught in every household.

What about an army? how would we protect ourselves. We need strong men and women who are ready to protect by any means necessary. This is important, because without one, we fail. It’s gone be hard to separate from jump because they so dependent on us for the latest everything. They hate us but secretly obsessed, There will be blood shed when it’s time to separate. Are you ready?

Next thing is going back to our natural state. When we get a fresh start , the things they told you were necessary shouldn’t be allowed. We should be flourishing like the nature around us. I’m not only talking about what we put in our heads but also what we put in our body. Why separate to be better but still do and eat what the slave masters taught and gave us? We need to eat better as a people to reach new levels of consciousness. We need to clear up the garbage in our systems and replace it with good things. We need to see beauty in our natural state. We need to see proud King’s and Queens walking amongst us not egotistical showoffs who eventually are depressed overtime trying to keep up. We need to learn to love ourselves again.

How would we govern ourselves? Who would be “in charge” or calling shots after we free and on our own? Would we still copy the american way or? What will we do to come to a conclusion? Everybody need to be on code prior to this time..because if you lost during , you gotta go . That was the reason most was teaching and getting ready before the war. We telling you now. It’s up to you to take it in and do something about it. We can’t be free and confused. This is why we plan ahead.

what would be our language? would we create a new one or learn the originals? If we were free today, what language would you prefer? Would we all have a choice? Or would it be different groups speaking different things? Or will we all conform to one. ? How would we interact?

I’m getting excited just thinking about all the different types of things that could be created just off us alone. We would surely overpower the world with our creations and mindsets. We are intelligent people and if you don’t believe me, go read a book and look up facts. We been doing this since before white people and any other people came and fucked with us or copied. Masterpieces will be made if we were free to express and create the way we want. We are creative people. We will prosper as long as nobody’s there to interrupt.. and even still then. We strong. We still gone come through at the top.

I just wish it wasn’t so hard for people to break away. I wish it wasn’t so hard to just do for your own and better your own when we been down for so long with no help. We been doing this together for so long yet so many wonder off and call other races home. It’s crazy. When we do finally get to freedom, I just hope we eliminate the ones that don’t want to prosper prior to. All we want to do is live in peace and be free to do us and be us. It’s sad because most don’t know what it means to be themselves. We surrounded with so many labels about us, the young persons mind is already confused. I just want freedom. I want our own.

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