The streets.

I am the streets!

Where ya kids can come and seek..

Refuge from the world because the love at home went extinct.

I will love em

Ima hold em.

Ima make em feel good… but understand I’m part of a system and I plan to kill the whole hood.

I got money I’m good ,

I swear u won’t be alone.

Ima get you hooked like a fish

To the point where u don’t wanna go home.

I got shit you can sell,

I know you like fast cash.

I’ll have you doing anything,

Check my corners,

Ass ass ass.

Niggas killin niggas

They own brothas.

Sistas mad and jealous,

They hate eachother.

And I sit back and look at what I raised like a no good mother…

Father was never around,

So here I am raising suckas.

They came to me thinking things will be better but it all stayed the same…

I am the streets baby,

A repeated cycle of lost dreams, lost names, and lost flames.

Birth motha birth ya,

but you slipped into my game,

again I am the streets.

I don’t love you man.

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