a poem about..THAT .

She walks around quiet,

Holding many stories..

Crying on the inside

But around others she’s glowing!

She’ll have you not knowing

What goes on in that house..

that house holds secretes

That no one knows about.

What if they opened the doors?

Would they all come out…?

No one knows,

The stories remain untold,

But she holds them.. yeah she holds them.

Fear of letting them get exposed,

Cus if she tells,

then maybe the threats he told were gonna come true.

And he might explode!

Some guy touched her on the shoulder,

She got scared and told em not to come closer.

He’s confused because he likes her,

Not knowing she was raped…

And that touch ..

it reminded her of the nights

She screamed and begged him to go away.

The man her aunt called “bae”..

What a terrible mistake!

He forces her to do stuff

And she just wants to escape.

She screams inside and out,

Hoping someone will hear and help…

While he whispers in her ear,

“This will be the best you ever felt”.

She cries, taking the pain..

late nights, he sneaks in

Getting satisfaction as he

moans her name ..

insulting her,

Hurting her

And having his way

She still remembers

The tragic details of that very first day.

Hoping it will just fade..

but it can’t.

Boys are the enemy.. that’s what she’s thinking.

All because

One sick bastard

decided to force his thing in.

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