Short rant on Insecurities

not good enough..

Not strong enough..

My nose,hair, and lips don’t look like those shown on tv..

Am I pretty?….

Do I look good?

New shoes, New clothes, fresh ride..

Jewelry on, now I’m ready to step outside.

Tell me sumn..

why does it matter? why do we care? why our we not already accepting of our true natural selves?

You take pictures with your forehead barely shown because the world convinced you it was too big.

You pile makeup on your face sometimes because the world convinced you that looking like your natural self just wasn’t enough if you wanted to fit in.

You go broke keeping up with the new pair of sneakers every year..and, even though they the same shoe, the world convinced you that if you don’t have em, you not in!

too shy to speak up because no one will listen.

some of us have personal insecurities which deal with our physical and Others feel insecure amongst people.

Why are you insecure? Why are we not sure of ourselves?

Most things we are insecure about have to do with ones past. Something had to happen in order for that insecurity to poke out and stay at the front of your mind.

I’ve gotten to a point where I can trace back The root of 95% of my insecurities. understanding your past and dealing with it completely helps close those insecurities. Just accept what is and take the lesson and go on. A lot of times, I would hold on to certain words or actions of others and that would then end up with me missing out on opportunities. I formed insecurities off others.. and looking at it now, it seems crazy.

Sometimes I think we battle with our own selves in present day and lil triggers can spark insecurities. some people are so hard on themselves for what seems like no reason but if you look deeper, there’s lil past events they remember that explains it all.

Y’all ever stop and think if anything y’all ever said to someone good or bad turned into an insecurity for them?

Y’all know how people be like ” confidence is attractive”? Knowing that alone, makes me even more insecure because i know I’m shy in person. Now I’m thinking.. am I not attractive now because I’m shy and not confident? And from there, more thoughts form. It’s an interesting process. I’m still working it on it.

Why is it that society advertises being other people on a daily? Why are we always stuck seeing comparisons or things that’ll “make you better” ? Why is it like this? How do we escape this?

How does a world like this ever learn to love themselves for who they truly are?

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