You good?

mental health…

What do we really know about this? It’s crazy how so many people dismiss this important thing or have no clue how important this is in your life. It literally affects how we think,act and feel. It’s a big part of us.. but why don’t we pay attention,talk about and take care of that part..?

A lot of times we just go through life looking out for other people and making sure they’re good….but what about you? Don’t you matter?

I was scrolling on Instagram today and a post caught my eyes. It made me feel a way I can’t even describe.

Dear Black men,

You are not alone. You don’t have to fight shit by yourself when there’s tons of us black women that’ll listen and even help build you back up and grow with you! We love you.

The above picture speaks volumes. Is it 100% true? No..But it’s definitely not a lie. We have to start taking better care of the men we bring into this world. They are our leaders and providers. The world already makes it hard for our men to survive and provide. We’ve been divided as a ppl and we’ve been conditioned to hate our other half. Nowadays most of our black men are locked up. We gotta understand the bigger picture. Look at how they treat the black man as a whole…look at history. They mock him in front of his own people. They have the black woman screaming she “don’t need a man”.. HER man. (Y’all gone catch that later) They emasculate them in front of the world. What do you think is happening to the males mind seeing and living through all this?? What about the young males growing up taking all this in? And all while being conditioned to hate yourself at that… consciously and subconsciously. I would be depressed too.

Talk more to the men you say you love. Encourage them to open up..let them know you are here to listen and help.

I understand some men don’t know how to be open and show emotions but y’all need to cut that shit out as well. Most women want to be there for you and you block them out. But why? Why can’t we openly talk to one another as a whole with comfort and understanding.


why are you clowning ya boy when he going through it? What real man does that? What real friend mocks his friends emotions or feelings? Are you really a friend? If yo friend having a hard time in life and come to you to open up and vent, let him. Whats wrong with helping or simply listening? As black men, you should be ya brothas biggest supporter. Y’all are living in the same world that’s against you Specifically. You would think you would see more team work but I guess it can’t happen without first understanding why the system divided y’all in the first place. Can we work on it brothas?

Dear Black women,

The world attacks you too. I see you though Queen! Continue to shine. You are the mothers of the nation. You bear it all without help sometimes. When it comes to mental health and black women, we really gotta dig deep. Black women have taken so much since the beginning. I know some of our mentals are fucked simply because we’ve been taught by the same ones who got taught by their moms and so forth who were already mentally messed up unknowingly. Nobody talks about this though.. this is why many don’t know and many will continue bringing children in this world who won’t learn about it either.


How can we as a people learn to listen and understand rather than laugh or neglect our brotha or sista? How can we let go of not wanting to help the next? How can we understand the system better so that we can eventually end what’s depressing us in the first place? When are we gonna actually care about the root of our depression? When are we gonna care about our mental health as a people?

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