you decided to buy seeds to grow a plant of your own…u were excited at first but eventually you left it alone.

you were anxious to see the growth so you protected it and cared for her daily.

Both you and her were happy.

You use to talk to her and speak good things. You made out time to dedicate just for her because after all it was your Plant! you knew she’d be beautiful.

Days went on and you slowly forgot. You’d wake in the morning n carry on about ya day without even watering her pot. You’d leave her alone , blinds closed, no sun. Forgetting how dedicated you were at first, guess her growth now is no fun.

you let things get in the way and petals started falling. ..She’s droopy. You pay no attention at all. Don’t you remember building her up to where she stood beautiful and tall? guess it’s fuck her lifeline. you forgot to make time. Now life’s in the way and when there’s a beginning there’s an end. Your flower you once adored ain’t even recognizable .what did you do??

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