Dear black man..

Dear black men,

I want you to know that I think about you all the time …like my favorite song ,my favorite poem..and my favorite rhyme. you are important to me like the air I breathe.. you are a God.

The world continues to beat you down yet you continue to stand. you are so mighty so powerful are the Black Man! so strong.. so beautiful and incredible in all your ways ..Black man , I am a black woman who loves you each and every day. I care about your safety I care about your life ,Black man please stay safe because they all want you to die.

Brothers do you know you hold the genetic material for an entire nation? Sisters did you know that you can birth an entire nation and continue on generation after generation? Stick together! you are one! separate you are fail. “please stand together!” , “please stick together ” , “black love is important!!” I yell..

Nobody listens..

why won’t they listen? Let me break it down for u.. ya see we were brainwashed and mentally fucked way before we were thought of. Repeated cycles of ignorance and nobody gets it right here we are today listening to massas ways, losing in massas game, and begging to eat food off massas plate. What a shame.. sad to see so many of us sleeping with the enemy and parading around like we’ve done a great job. We are lost. ….Another generation of slaves have been taught.. taught to obey and not think. Taught to listen but not speak. Taught to love.. love everyone around you and accept everything.. and if u don’t agree with this, boom! We’ll make you extinct..

ya see we’ve already started.. it’s in ya meds and foods. Here.. let’s toss some lies in it because fear runs deep and truth.. well it can’t be found when ya mind has already been reduced to nothing … the music ,the ads ,the makeup drugs money, the hair. They are all distractions yet nobody’s aware. This war runs deep .

Black men..

do you understand that they want you to be girls? Do you understand the power of your existence as a black man? Do you understand the threat you are to others without doing a single thing but living? Do you understand they want you to bow and submit when you are a God? Do you understand they want your masculinity so far gone that you’d soon be confused and dragged so far into the looney hole that you too will believe you are a woman. Isn’t is sick? Or perhaps smart?.. no more producing ..which means no more ppl which mean they won the game and there won’t be a sequel. no threat no worries no children no wives no mommy’s no daddies no black lives. Exterminating us as if we were pest , ropes tied around our necks, who are you to control us? Who are we to submit?

Dear black men,

You are great! You are the one! and you are so godly that you and the black woman can lead an entire nation. Stand tall, heads high, know you are enough! Black man they ripping your family apart. What you gone do? Protect ya Queen and kids . You have to!

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