life after death. Life . Death.

Life after death..

That topic has been in convos and on my mind a lot lately.. can’t seem to wrap my head around it. What is death? why don’t we as humans, have the knowledge of that? Why does our brain have no real info when it comes to that.?

We all, at the end of the day say our loved ones watching over ever wonder if there’s rules? You know.. to stop them from visiting us here and there just so we won’t hurt like we do. Death is always the hardest for the ones still alive and I always want to know why?

So…Are there rules? And if so, who created those rules? Why are we still not free after living in what feels like hell to majority of the people living? is freedom even a thing? Same with time? sometimes I feel as though death is just death.. nobody’s watching over us..because anybody who truly loves you will always find a way back to help or just be there.. i mean.. at least thats what everyone says..but yet, we continue to suffer that loss for years.. so is death just death? Or are we still slaves after death and can’t comfort our loved ones. Where’s visiting hours? Guess that would defeat the purpose huh? But I mean.. why does this shit exist then in the first place? You know? Why go through life making all these connections and loving all these people just to die at the end??

People say all the time “everything has a beginning and an end” ..but why? Death sneaks up and people tell you just think of it as a blessing.. she’s in a better place.. that’s weird.. people also say life is full of lessons. Who said I wanted to be apart of a fucked up experiment where loss/death is a ticking time bomb.? Wassup with all the lessons? And losses? What is Death???

I think about it s lot.. they spend so much time to keep us distracted and fake happy it kinda makes me wonder why?? Is this world really just a world of pain? Everybody searches for what they call happiness but everything seems temporary even people because.. death. so is this experiment misery? The concept of life and death?.. nothings forever, yet we are forced to go through this thing called life… and it doesn’t stop. Why is that? is this whole thing controlled? Or am I just crazy and overthinking? having to deal with whatever life throw at you scares me. why do I have to be surprised by an inconvenience and suffer and watch everyone around do good? Why go through these lil test and trials when death eventually comes down the line? Why is everybody suffering or struggling or busy all the fucking time? What is life and death?

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