Without touch

Did y’all know touch is the first sense formed way before we enter this world? you ever wonder what kind of life would exist if we couldn’t touch another person…

I mean.. like no physical interaction at all… Would love then be different or viewed the same? Would death be different or viewed the same?

How would we define attachment and loss? Does touch really make a difference? We are given these senses for a reason. what about the people who aren’t equipped with the standard ones we all know today…? How do they live? the blind and death can still fall in love but can love be possible without touch at all your entire life?? Yeah sure there ldr..but after a while, long distance relationships either end cus they never see each other and other reasons or it’s successful because of the trips they took Just to physically see the other.

A lot of people know what it’s like to feel alone but is lonely really lonely if your still capable of feeling (both physical and emotion) other things in order to suppress that loneliness? imagine not getting hugged, kissed or even held your entire life. Is the typical nurture we get from our parents and loved ones really what love is?? Or is it just done and we accept? Do they live/think the same as the rest if they weren’t brought up the same? What’s gonna happen to this new world when everything allows you to never come in contact with the next human? It looks pretty close….are they gonna rewire the generations to come to not know what it truly means to socialize and get out. They say hugs and being held can heal years of pain. So touch… what would we really do without it??? Who would we be without it?

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