what they forgot to mention

childhood version of love and adult version of love are completely different.. why are we attached to tubes of lies filling our heads with helium known as love. why was this ever the introduction?. Why did they tell you love was great?. It’s not. It’s not bad either but great? Nah. what’s your definition of great? Is that love?

why are we not told about the storms and chaos love had to offer once comfort set the mood?. Why were we not prepared. Running around this playing field like clueless soldiers destroying hearts because we don’t know. We don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right because again, they told us a story of love but lied.

love comes with mood swings so prepare for the unthinkable.. love can turn you crazy.. love can unlock doors and introduce you to worlds like never before. But be careful, sometimes love isn’t love.. it’s just bs in disguise. Sometimes it sneaks up and plays with people lives.

Love can be beautiful..depends on what that means to you cus some ppl may never see it but if you can then I guess love is true. Claps for you. But some ppl deal with love in ways that are no good but all confusion. Thinking that shit is real love but it’s all an illusion. Wake up.

love is not love. Whoever came up with it lied. You have a choice to choose but it’s up to you what side.. they say love has nothing to hide but some closets are so messy that shit gets leaked,backed up secrets get unclogged like a toilet and boom ! Relationships extinct.

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