Allies vs opponents

Mulatto: people born of one white parent and one black parent or from two mulatto parents.

the first general offspring of a black and white parent

mixed race


I wanna touch on something before I begin. What the fuck are people thinking when it comes to mix racing anyway? These are still racist times and shit just repeating itself . Why bring a mixed child in this world during this time? Then you have confused parents who don’t teach their children. White parent wants the child white but it looks black to society. White parent is apart of racism white supremacy regardless if you accept that or not and that’s something Dr.Frances Cress talked about. Yeah you might have some of our features and say you black but you got white privilege all up and through ya life via the white parent. I was watching this interview on YouTube where Dr. Welsing Cress talks about how confused and uneducated the child will grow up to be when faced with real issues because the parents don’t know how to deal with it. She says they are unprepared. Tbh.. they are.

Throughout history mulattos have proven themselves to be the enemy. They are not us. Know the difference between your allies and opponents. Know the difference between an asset and liability. So many of y’all want to include everybody in the mix. We good fam. I promise we good. we are the mix . We are the variety. We don’t need extras. The only way up is to focus on our own shit and figure it out within the group. No outsiders. When you let people in, the problems will sneak in as well and then there’s chaos.

A lot of y’all will argue with folks and claim that since the dad is black, the child is black. One drop rule? Who made it up tho. Who decided that black plus white equal black? I’m sure all of us has been through the colors. Mixing black and white doesn’t create just ONE of the colors..just like mixing a horse and donkey. Nigga you a whole mule. You in ya own category at this point. You are a hybrid. You are a mulatto. Period.

The thing that bothers me the most isn’t the fact that people argue against it, it’s the fact that a lot of BLACK people support it. They accept everything and go hard for everything but they own. It’ll never make sense to me. Unlike yo black ass, I feel they have a choice when it comes to sides. If everybody who had two black parents got executed today, how many mulattoes you think gone continue to claim black? think about that.. Nobody gone die for us. Yeah they’ll preach it all day and be down all day but when it comes to war and death, see if you spot one on ya side.

Mulatos help push certain agendas. You think white people ain’t on game? Think again. They know the game plan. Majority of the black community accepts mixed kids like they full black so when they get big and talk in front of us, we listen to them. Let’s talk about how they are always the image for black people. They always got a Mulatto in the spot light speaking on behave of us. And guess what? They are perfectly fine with that. when it comes to natural kinky hair,you got a whole lot of mixed mfs talking for us. TF!? When it comes to beauty within the black community, there’s always images or videos about a mixed person. Where the chocolate at??? Don’t get me wrong, they show us too but what do you mainly see? When it comes to tv shows, they are quick to replace the original dark skin for a brighter woman.. explain that shit.. Most of today’s shows don’t really have a black man and woman with kids. The wife always seems to be mixed. Interesting. Again.. they are okay with this shit. They’re okay with their face being the image. It’s beyond sickening. As a black woman with 2 black parents, I don’t want no damn mulatto being my voice. It’s ridiculous.

I’m not and never will be for race mixing. It’s too many of us to choose from to want to be with another race. Unlike some of y’all, I want my skin color to exist down the line. I want our melanin to shine bright forever. Y’all really be out here looking unfinished. damn near an error. ..but ain’t no way in hell I want my melanin washed out and faded looking. We are unique. Fuck the bs.

Two more definitions for y’all before I end this up:

assets: Useful or valuable thing,person or quality.

Liability: :a person or thing whose presence or behaviors is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.

know the difference. Understand the difference. As a group, the mulattos were never our friend . Period. Feel free to do your own research on it as well.

2 thoughts on “Allies vs opponents

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  1. Queen I agree 100% more black people need to overstand this. Those mulatto mutts are just tokens to push white supremacy agendas and infiltrate black communities/movements. Throughout history mulattos have been used against us. In kemet mulattos corrupted our community and society claimed them as white now theres this one drop rule and society thinks they’re afrikan. I say we worrybabout our own and those who want to race mix and dilute their afrikan genetics will be delt with in due time ✊🏿

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    1. Exactly and there are countless incidents in history that backs that shit up. I wish our people would just read and study that shit because they sure are and that’s why we at where we at still. It’s sad that There’s so much support on this. You absolutely right though. Can’t worry bout the ones that wanna continue sleeping.


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