How do you deal with storms?

Close your eyes and think back to your very first storm..a storm that fucked with you big time..

what was the first thing you thought of ?

What did you feel in that moment?

My first storm was losing my grandpa and the next big storm came a couple years later when I lost my mom.

I think death is one of the biggest storms people go through. It’s almost like the storm never really passes.. it lingers for a long time. you’re reminded damn near all the time because you think about them when a certain smell pass by or a certain song plays… It never really goes away.

How are you dealing with your storm?

I think for me, poetry was my escape. Poetry helped me when I couldn’t verbally explain how I felt. It’s something about putting pencil to paper that just releases all the hurt. I wrote like my life depended on it. I wrote about any and everything. it kept me sane.

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