let’s talk

we all say we wanna be loved.. but what is being loved? What does that even feel like..? Have we,ourselves, shown the love we’ve been craving? Or is it simply one sided? Do we expect and forget to give? questions..questions.

I wanna be loved like the sky loves the sun in the summer..just look at the way they display their affection. The sun is always in the spotlight. The sky gives the sun the time to shine and rest. The sky is always there.

I wanna be loved like the canvases love the paints. I wanna be drenched all in that goodness. Come into my life and make it beautiful with me. Vice versa. I want to be the colors you need on your sheet to complete your masterpiece.

I wanna give love the same way the trees freely give off oxygen. I wanna feel like a breath of fresh air when I come around.. I want you to take me in and consume all of me.. I want to give you strength to make it to the next day. I want to give you peace.

I wanna give love like the earth gives us the sun, rain, and moon. I wanna show off my love. I want my love to be free of judgement. I want my love in front row seat. I wanna give off energy and help my person grow.

love me whole,

Love me forever.

Take all of me,

Let’s experience love together.

lets talk

what do you want out of love?

Are you afraid of love?

How has love helped you grow?

Does love challenge you?

what is love to you?

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