I love orgasms. Lemme further explain…

that buildup right before the “big O” feels like paradise. Ian never been to paradise but I like to think that’s exactly how it’ll feel. If I could, I’d have orgasms all day nonstop.. lol no but fr.. shit is great!

I like sex..Not just casual sex..I like intimacy. I like all the lil weird awkward “feel good” feelings that come with it. I like the nervousness I get. I like building that connection prior to and feeling everything in that moment when it finally happens. I like what it does to my mind n body. I let the moment swallow me whole because sex is beautiful. It’s magic. It’s art.

Sex can empower. Sex with the wrong one can destroy.

I think I love being submissive more than dominant. I’ll take control but it’s just sumn bout having a man that loves you and just knows how to show it.. in alllll ways๐Ÿ˜…. A man that knows how to control the bedroom is a man I want.

What turns me off is someone who could care less about my needs. If u can’t take time to learn me and my body and cater to my sexual needs, then it’s a no go. nowadays ppl just rush n go straight to it. You gotta paint a picture for me.

When it comes to me having orgasms, it’s usually from head. In order for me to get there, u gotta first be willing to learn what I like. Many dudes think all pussy the same most times so they use the same techniques on every girl. Not with me baby! Fuck that! Let me guide u n talk u through it so u can understand and show out next time on ur own. That tongue…. what a great thing to have. Men be so skilled with that shit. Just imagine a God buried in between ya legs blessing u with his divine tongue.. eating you up like you the last meal. ..And enjoying it. Just because. Ahh man.

Penetration has never really made me orgasm like that. But…..My current king blesses me with his rod all the time n checks that off the list with ease. Idk what it is.. but I can definitely get there with him.

I think doggy style is my favorite.. like I said.. I like the submissive role so just u towering behind me gripping my waist turns me on alone. I never really want mercy when it comes to sex… I like being pushed passed my limits or tested.. it’s a huge turn on. if you get the pleasure of entering this paradise, don’t be nice. Be as aggressive as u want. I wanna say destroy me.. but is that too much? Lol

A lot of women squirt.. or so they say.. or is it really JUST pee…๐Ÿค”.. anywho.. a lot of y’all claim to do it. How? Idk..I never had it happen no matter how wet or turned on I was..it was just a no.. I find it interesting. The topic in itself.. squirting.. I never understood how it led ppl to excitement.. why is this such a great thing ? How does this turn u on? Not knocking it, I just wanna understand. What exactly do u, as the woman feel in that moment? vice versa.

talk with me yall๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

what’s some of your favorite positions? Any fantasies? Wanna share stories? Feel free. Talk and express. โค๏ธ

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