Living or existing..

Do we really live? Wouldn’t you agree that in order to truely live you must be happy?..and if you’re truely happy, you gotta be living a life where you are your own authority and you create ya life… but if we look at today’s world, we are all crammed in a box. They shape our happiness… so again… if your happiness comes from someone or something else, you’re not really living. That’s just that. To live to me is to be free. No worries. We don’t see that tho. Living is simply saying you are your own. You bring life to life. You bring out the beauty in it. When you are living, you make the most of whatever the situation is. living doesn’t make you feel drained.

Most of us are simply existing.. we are born and then from there, our brains are manipulated via school, media, and work/church. We only exist 99% of the time until sumn great happen and we feel it all throughout our body.. and boom 1% kicks in and you are simply living in that moment. Complete happiness. That’s why most don’t know their purpose or feel meaningless… they’re not living…they’re not feeling. Existing to me is just simply being present. Boom, you got a birthdate and you’re here. But what else??? What makes you feel alive? What gets your heart pumping? What makes you happy? Do you enjoy you? Are you existing?…or living?

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