people talk all day about how they support and will help if u needed them to but when shit gets real , they nowhere to be found. This society, no matter how we look at it has made fending for self and self only the main goal. Nobody cares about the ones struggling (but putting in work) behind.

This is a very selfish world. I find that to be crazy asl. Ppl in the world always feel the need to be in the light. We want attention. We feed off of it. We’re selfish in every way but everybody wants love… everybody needs something…. ain’t that sumn.. selfish as HELL and can have all the money but be lonely as fuck at the end of the day and body starved off needing another…

Everybody thinks we don’t need eachother which is another crazy concept..😂😂 I mean really.. we all need somebody. Just look at what happens to ppl with no association with other humans.. these ppl go absolutely nuts after a while. We need ppl but act like we don’t. We so into self that we can’t even reach down and help another bro or sis up. Society walks right over them and then clown them after rejecting their cry for help… it’s a sick world. Nobody supports or helps nowadays…

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