Unite or die

I’m sick of this shit fam!

When are we gonna fight back as an entire black race?

Are we really gonna sit here and mourn every time one of our people die? You see the cycle? We do nothing and it continues. I encourage every black household to go out and buy guns. Have yo shit protected. It’s ridiculous.

We have people right now still saying race isn’t the issue. What tf is wrong with you lunatics. It seems to be very clear that race is in fact the only issue at hand. That’s all it goes down to. I see/hear about more of my people dying than I do any other race. It’s everywhere. They are literally killing us everywhere and nobody gives a fuck.

Its been time to wake up brothers and sisters. Fight back. Stop that pussy ass marching and protesting shit. Stop looting. Stop being animals. Gather up! Prepare! Kill! Simple! Take out your enemy. Why would you keep the one doing harm to you and your people alive and well? What fool would do that? We need to take it back to the ” if they touch one, the village coming for you”. Ain’t no talking. You get the whole package if one of our own is hurt. We so focused on tryna to help everyone we don’t even realize we deleting our spot to the top. We reach out to everyone but ourselves. We put in the work. We deserve the break.stop helping mfs. Don’t y’all see we on our own? Don’t you realize we have no allies? People fw us sometimes simply because they know they can gain. There’s nothing more to it. We are business to everyone and that’s been fact for years now.

I’m tired of seeing my people leave this place because of some mentally ill Neanderthal . They are truely uncivilized creatures and need to be put up somewhere or eliminated. They stay tryna eliminate everyone else when they are the issue. We gotta fight back y’all. Or it’s death. We have no choice. Unite or die!

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