Are you happy or comfortable?

yall ever be out doing something you normally do and that thought crosses your mind? Am I happy? Or comfortable..? You ever look at the people in your life and don’t know how to really feel?

The more and more I grow, I constantly ask myself that same question. When people speak on happiness,they usually talk about externals things or materialistic things. They tend to talk about things in the moment. The temp. little do they know though, those things can be easily taken away and along with that goes your happiness. You have to learn to be happy just because. You gotta learn to be happy for the fuck of it. Don’t place your happiness with someone or something else. if you attach things, keep in mind,that thing has a choice to leave or expire/die out.

We spend our whole lives being comfortable. We don’t even realize we’re just that.. comfortable . We walk around day to day life and don’t even take a second to think about anything. It’s so routine. It fits our day to day schedule. This is what we do and this what we always know. What about thinking outside the box? Why not step outside that comfort zone? why not step into the land of what ifs and possibilities. I mean, what do you really lose? We grow up comfortable as a child and all the way into adulthood. We attack or shun things we are unfamiliar with because we are so damn comfortable. We don’t even realize there’s a big ass world out there with endless things.

If you can’t decipher which one describes your current state, you need to take some time just like I had to and figure it out. You could be missing out on so much. We all just rather be comfortable. Sometimes we even throw the word comfortable and happiness around like they’re synonyms. In relationships, there’s ppl that are with their partner simply because of comfort. Who really happy though? In my opinion, History with someone means nothing if you’re not happy. Your health depends on your happiness. If you’re not happy, your brain will send that energy straight to the body and now look at you. A mess. Ladies and men, find what and who makes you happy not comfortable. Happiness equals growth.if you not growing, you not happy.

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